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Monday, 11 April 2005

Switching to static output

Fingers crossed I haven't screwed up and Planet Debian is going to see all of my blog all over again.

I've switched Blosxom to do static output, rather than forking off a Perl process for every connection. I can't wait until Blosxom 2 comes out and supports mod_perl.

This afternoon daedalus started to really chug. I'm either getting a lot of (spam) email and MIMEDefang is thrashing the box, or my blog just got real popular (or both). Enabling static output certainly is pretty trivial. Here's hoping the load on daedalus drops off again.


Well fakecat and static output generation don't play well, which means the custom RSS feeds for Planet Debian and Planet Linux don't get updated properly, so I'm switching back to dynamic output until I can resolve that.

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