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Thursday, 31 March 2005


I haven't even finished reading it yet, and I can't link to it yet because it hasn't hit the archive, but Joerg's Bit's from the DAMs is priceless!

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I have finished reading The Thread. It nearly killed me, but I avoided killing much of it so I could try and be as informed about it as possible. I don't think reading it across such a period of time helped me retain much though...

I don't think my opinion on the proposal has changed much. I'd still like to see Sparc make the grade, and I still think it can. If anything, this proposal has given all the ports a bit of a shake up. They can't just sit back and assume that their port will release with Etch, and that they need to keep their houses in order. (I'm sweating on udev to build on arm so can get the fix for #300435, peddle harder guys!)

I'll certainly be taking a more active interest in the Sparc port (other than just using it), and helping out where I can.

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