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Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Nicely put

I think Steve Langasek's wife has very nicely summed up Steve's proposal in her blog.

I'm still trying to wade through the 400+ emails that followed up the announcement, so I haven't been able to digest what the general vibe is, and I've only briefly lurked on IRC today (but I log #debian-devel, so if I really cared I could go back through it).

As I said yesterday, the new release strategy doesn't impact me in a negative manner terribly much. My pet non-x86 architecture that is affected is SPARC, and it's a pretty neglected pet at that.

One thing that I thought about today when I opened by debian-devel folder and was greeted by 400+ emails in one thread, was that if all the energy had been expended on fixing bugs, then we'd be able to freeze Sarge tomorrow...

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Poverty stricken?

I just learned yesterday, that the reason the assignment for COMP2100 is to be done in pairs is more because they can only afford to pay for marking of half as many assignments as there are students in COMP2100, than because they want to encourage us to be able to work in groups.

It's pretty tragic that the Department is so strapped for cash that they've had to cut back on the continuous assessment in this manner. They've also cut back the laboratory sessions this year by one half as well.

It's a bit of a fudge, the ANU jumping up and down about how they haven't raised fees, if students enrolled in COMP2100 this year are paying the same amount as students who were previously enrolled in COMP2100, and receiving a vastly inferior teaching experience. I think I'd rather pay more to maintain the same level of education.

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