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Monday, 21 February 2005

Second migration successful (well, kind of)

This morning I did the second (and final) Firewall-1 management server migration at this site. It wasn't as successful as the last one, in that it didn't Just Work.

With some help from Jonathan, the problem was traced back to the Get Topology function getting it wrong. I have to do a Get Topology after I've migrated the configuration as the new hardware has different Ethernet device names to the old one (gotta love how Solaris has hardware specific Ethernet device names). Unfortunately, in the process of doing the Get Topology, Firewall-1 decided to mark one of the interfaces as External, when it really should have been Internal, so then the anti-spoofing stuff kicked in and it decided that connections that were legitimate were actually spoofed, and dropped them.

It made matters worse (but was probably a blessing in disguise in that it highlighted the problem immediately) because the interface in question was the one that connected this management server to the rest of the management network, you couldn't get through the management server (which is also an enforcement module) to other hosts behind it.


It wasn't so much a case of the Get Topology function getting it wrong. It seems that Firewall-1 will assume that the interface with the default route going out it is external. So for this particular firewall, I just need to redo the routing so there are specific routes and no default route, and in theory everything should be considered internal.

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Here we go again...

Considering I wasn't planning on continuing my studies this year, I seem to be doing a remarkably good job of being enrolled.

So work was magnanimous enough to give me 2 hours a week of paid time to attend classes, which leaves me with another 3 hours (plus travelling time) to make up myself (so no lunchbreaks and lots of early starts for me).

I'm doing COMP2100 (which actually looks quite interesting) and FINM2001.

I wasn't intending to do another Finance elective, however the only other Computer Science subject I was eligible for is taken by a lecturer who I have taken a strong disliking to, so I figured I'd rather do Corporate Finance with one 2 hour lecture a week than the Computer Science alternative with three 1 hour lectures a week.

It'll be very interesting to see how I go, doing full-time work and part-time study. I really hope I can pull it off, at least for one semester.

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