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February 2005
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Sunday, 20 February 2005

Visa mini is insane

I'd seen some ads around the place for this new Visa mini card, but hadn't remembered to pull up a web page for it when I'd been near an Internet connection.

Today, I got an updated terms and conditions in the mail to add conditions for the new Visa mini card (not that I had one, but the same terms and conditions cover all credit card customers).

So it seems they are trying to accessorise the credit card. Why on earth would you want to parade around with your credit card (with presumably number showing to all and sundry) around your neck or wrist?

The thing that cracked me up to the point of writing this was the added terms and conditions. They've had to add stuff to direct customers not to insert their mini card in ATMs or full card insertion readers. Customers who do so will be liable for the cost of any resulting damage. What a joke. Not to mention that most card readers at supermarkets (well Woolworths at least, Coles isn't) are the full card insertion type.

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