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Monday, 14 February 2005

Netfilter "recent" module

I've recently had the Netfilter recent module brought to my attention, and man, is it neat! The final example on the website for it is a bunch of rules that temporarily open up a hole in the firewall to allow an ident request in when an outbound SMTP connection is seen. Very cool. I'm interested in doing something to mitigate SSH brute force login attempts.

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Learning awk

As bizarre as it my seem, I've managed to get through life until this point without knowing any awk. If cut and paste didn't cut it (no pun intended), I'd just write a Perl script and be done with it.

There's the possibility that I might have to maintain some behemoth monstrosity of an awk script, so I'm using a bit of spare time whilst the bureacratic wheels turn to read O'Reilly's sed & awk, Second Edition

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Prior art?

The other day, Mako graced his blog with some photos of himself in a very fetching number designed by his girlfriend and knitted by his mother. I was immediately reminded of a similar outfit my lovely fiancee's grandmother knitted for her recently...

I wonder which one came first?

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