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Wednesday, 09 February 2005

Pride in your work

The convoluted way things work (for procurement) within the client's organisation I'm working at are that all hardware is ordered through, and remains property of EDS.

So for this firewall replacement project I'm doing, a bunch of hardware (mainly V240's) was ordered. Another project ordered a few V440's with fibre channel cards. Sun being Sun, ship the cards separate to the boxes, and EDS fit them. Problem is, EDS didn't consult the order when they went to install the cards, and just saw that there were the same number of cards as boxes and installed one in each (when in fact the V440's should have had two cards each and the V240's none).

So this morning, I proceeded to remove the fibre channel card from my V240 for the next firewall I'm replacing, and put it into one of the V440's. I had to pinch a blanking plate from the V440 to fill the gap in the V240. All good, I think. Wrong.

I get the lid off the V440, and discover that the existing fibre channel card hasn't been screwed in, and the blanking plate for the (vacant) PCI slot next to it is (poorly) held in by an ill-fitting PC case screw. Looks like they lost some screws when they were installing the cards methinks.

The V440's have a mix of 33 and 66 megahertz PCI slots. The only cards to go in the box are the two fibre channel cards, and of course EDS has installed the one that is already in there in a 33 megahertz slot, when they had the pick of the slots. So I moved the existing card while I was in there, and installed the one I took out of my V240 in another 66 megahertz slot, found a random screw that fit so that both cards were screwed in, closed it up, and thought I'd have a bit of a rant about taking pride in your work.

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