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February 2005
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Tuesday, 08 February 2005

Windows Update is stupid

So I fire up Internet Exploder to run Windows Update (I only use it for this and submitting my timesheet) so as to download this month's plethora of critical updates for Windows, and the stupid thing wants to ignore my proxy settings and make direct connections for the downloads. This of course won't work, so the downloads fail. Nevermind the fact that I used a proxy server for every HTTP connection up to the point of initiating the downloads.

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Loopback devices under Solaris

I was helping a co-worker grok how to loopback-mount an ISO image, and after discovering it was lofiadm that one needed to use in place of losetup, was having a bit of a peruse of the manpage and was amused no end to note that the examples they are are mounting an Red Hat Linux 6.0 for SPARC ISO image.

You wouldn't expect to find this subtle reference to a competing operating system within the Solaris documentation.

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