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February 2005
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Sunday, 06 February 2005

I've been syndicated!

I just read the announcement from Linux Australia about how they've set up their own Planet, and casually loaded it up to see what feeds it has, and lo and behold, I'm in it. Well shucks, I didn't think I was worthy...

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First migration successful

So this morning I migrated my first Firewall-1 management server in the production environment. Thanks to lots of testing and experimenting and breaking and fixing things in the test environment, I pulled this off without a hitch. And the management servers are the hard ones. The enforcement modules are a piece of cake. There's nothing to migrate except the license. I just need more hardware to turn up before I can proceed further. In the meantime, I've scored another project to do on the side, migrating a data service from an old firewall environment to a new(er) one.

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My boss' boss has agreed to give me two hours a week paid study leave to attend University classes. The rest I have to make up myself. Better than a kick in the teeth, and better than having to make up the total contact hours myself. Now if I can just get tutorials outside of work hours, I should only have to make up about three hours a week of lectures.

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