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November 2004
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Sunday, 28 November 2004


The results for Semester 2 finally came out today. I passed everything.

I managed a distinction for COMP2400, the Relational Database subject I was really slack about, and it turns out I was 1% off getting a distinction for COMP1110 as well, the Java programming subject I had issues with recursion with. I managed an even 50% (so a pass) for the maths and finance subjects (I was particularly concerned about the finance one, I really felt bad about the final exam).

So I've got mixed emotions about the results. I'm happy with the distinction, disappointed I missed out on a distinction by 1%, relieved I got a pass for finance, and surprised I only mustered 50% for maths. But it's all good. I'm sitting on a credit grade point average.

I think that leaves me with another semester of second year, and all of third year. I'll try and go and see the Associate Dean this week and confirm that, and if that is the case, I'll see if work will allow me to do two subjects a semester for next year...

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