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October 2004
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Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Let the job hunting begin

With lectures winding down, and the other side of final exams less than a month away, I thought I'd take some time out (read: procrastinate some) and look at the job situation.

My current contract probably only has about 4 weeks left in it (more if I rejig my hours so I'm working less around exams), and I'm not relying on it being extended or renewed.

I had a browse of what was going on Seek, and also discovered this job mentioned on the CLUG mailing list. It sounded interesting (but it would have to be very interesting for that sort of money) so I jumped through their hoops and put my resume in.

Once I've finished Uni exams, I plan on having a crack at doing the CCNA exam cold-turkey, just to boost the resume a bit. Everyone I've worked with keeps telling me I'll pass it no problems. I often wonder if people have an inflated perception of my abilities, or I just underrate myself.

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