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Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Richard Stallman talk

Today I attended a talk given by Richard Stallman on Free Software and whatnot. It was a pretty stock standard GNU spiel in hindsight, a lot of it is pretty much word for word from parts of the GNU website.

The thing that really took me back was Richard's behaviour before the talk started.

I arrived about 20 minutes early and grabbed a seat in the lecture theatre. Tom Worthington was the MC, and he was running around trying to get things organised. Shortly afterwards, Richard turned up and squatted down at the front table of the theatre, bashing away at his laptop.

Not long after that, Tom asked him if he was happy. Richard's response was: "I'd be happy if I wasn't interrupted. If I wanted anything I would ask."

The guy I was sitting next to and I just went "whoa" and looked at each other. First impressions count, and my first impression of RMS is that of a rude prick.

Rude prickness aside, he gave a fairly entertaining talk, but I didn't learn much new. Unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to ask about the whereabouts of a new GFDL draft.

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