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September 2004
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Thursday, 23 September 2004

September meeting

Tonight Richard Alexander from Cougar Computers gave a talk about a bid Cougar has made for an RFP to provide a cluster for APAC.

The solution Cougar has put forward is AMD Opteron based, and it was interesting to get an overview of how the Opteron SMP architecture works.

Over pizza, Michael asked if I was planning on open sourcing my CLUG meeting scheduler as a "LUG in a box". I hadn't thought about it, but I have written it reasonably modularly, so if I polished it up a bit more and made a few more things more readily configurable, I guess I could release it. I've never considered anything I've written to be of a high enough standard, or of enough general applicability to warrant getting released, but hey, maybe this will be different.

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