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Monday, 20 September 2004

Further consolidation in the security industry

In the beginning, there was iSecure, and it was purchased by SecureNet shortly before I came on board. Shortly before I left to go back to University for a year, Betrusted bought SecureNet, and then bought SecureNet's main competitior, 90east. Now, Betrusted and some company called TruSecure have apparently merged and will become Cybertrust.

Quite the consolidation. Film at 11.

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Sudo bites

Well, it's really more of a PEBKAC issue, or proof that one should not attempt system administration after running a Fun Run.

I noticed that the broadcast address on daedalus was incorrect, so I added a broadcast line to my /etc/network/interfaces and went sudo ifdown eth0; ifup eth0 and immediately went "D'oh!". Not the best thing to do on a Sunday evening to a box a 1000 kilometres away in an unmanned (on the weekend) datacentre.

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