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Sunday, 12 September 2004


Joey's braindump motivated me to have another crack at trying to build d-i locally to test a patch I'd come up with.

So I had a grand old time fiddling around with dchroot, and successfully built d-i in a sid chroot, incorporating my netcfg udeb. I was a bit confused at first, because the resulting .iso and initrd didn't have a .udeb in sight, but in the case of netcfg, it seems that it gets installed in the initrd beforehand, so it wasn't an issue in this particular instance.

Anyway, the big excitment for the afternoon, other than actually building d-i (which isn't that exciting, because I've built it before) was that my netcfg patch actually worked, which means as long as the netcfg maintainers are happy with it, #262624 can be resolved.

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