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Thursday, 02 September 2004

No vaiostat for Sarge

I've decided to file a release critical bug (#269615) against vaiostat-source as it was recently brought to my attention that it wasn't building correctly against current 2.4 kernels. I confirmed this, and dropped upstream a line. He was rather chuffed that it was in Debian in the first place, but has been busy and a bit unresponsive regarding testing and fixing the problem.

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Got this email to my personal address from one of my COMP1110 lecturers tonight...

Subject: CVS archive too public

Uh, nice web site.

I was surprised to find this:


It would be nice if you could keep your assignments to yourself.
So much for security by obscurity. I'd be surprised if a student found it. Or I would have been until this.

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Holy crap!!!

AJ said he had good Google Juice, but jeez, he only added my blog to his blogroll on the weekend, and now my blog is the first hit when you Google for my name...


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Call For Papers spam

Tonight I sent mail to the SAGE-AU announce and Aussie-ISP mailing lists letting them know the CFP was open. I also emailed Carter Bullard of Argus fame to see if I could convince him to put a paper in the CFP.

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LCA DoSes Subway again...

It's always amusing watching the denial of service effect of catering for an LCA committee meeting with Subway. Steve phoned the order through for collection at 6pm. I rolled up a few minutes after 6pm to see a lengthy queue and all hands on deck madly trying to make 9 foot long subs as well service the queue. Another 10 minutes later and the order is fulfilled. At least they gave me 6 double-choc cookies as a consolation :-)

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