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Monday, 30 August 2004

Rain, mid-semester exams and dodgey umbrellas

It's been pissing down rain most of the day, which is nice for a change. I got to Uni, got out of the car and flicked my compact umbrella, like I usually do, to extend it and the business end of the umbrella promptly flew off, and I was left holding the handle and half the stem.

Note to self: don't flick the umbrella to extend it.

After reassembling the umbrella, it then wouldn't (for what seemed to be unrelated reasons) actually stay up, so I was forced the commence the long walk forcibly keeping the umbrella from folding up. Got a few funny looks and a rather tired arm. I caved in a bought a new cheap and nasty umbrella rather identical to the current one from the University newsagent.

Today was the dreaded Financial Instruments and Risk Management (a.k.a. FINM2002) optional mid-semester exam. I pondered whether or not to opt to sit it a fair bit. It was worth 20% if you sat it, and made the final exam worth 50% instead of 70%. Since the subject is all about risk management and diversification, I figured it was better to diversify by chances of failing by distributing it across as much assessment as possible, so I sat the test.

I was quite apprehensive about the exam, because overall, I haven't felt that I've been understanding the material terribly well. I spent most of the morning in the library doing some last minute cramming. I think it paid off, and I think the exam was reasonably easy. Time will tell. I was totally stumped on three related questions regarding swaps, but I knew I'd have issue with swaps before I went into the exam, because I was having problems when I revised them. I think I should be able to muster a pass.

So that leaves me with a maths exam on Friday and that assignment due next Monday, a COMP1110 mid-semester next week, and then a small breathing space (i.e. the mid-semester break) in which to do at least two more assignments (possibly three). Man, I don't remember the workload being like this last semester. Mind you, I only have one mid-semester exam last semester, so that'll have a lot to do with it.

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AJ stayed at my place on the weekend, because he went to the LCA Ghosts of Conference Past session, where there's a bit of a collective braindump from previous conference organisers.

I always find it great when I've got face-to-face access to another more senior Debian Developer. You can learn so much from just conversing with them in person than you can from idle chit chat via email. I guess IRC isn't bad, but face to face is more person.

Anyway, we were talking about the amount of duplication in various important roles of trust in the project, and he suggested that I look at becoming an AM if I wanted to help out more, and increase my general trustworthiness.

To be honest, I'd never considered myself worthy of something in this capacity (yet). But then again, I imagined the DPL to be someone much older as well... AJ said that you could just use existing templates of other AMs to get started.

So I gave it some thought and dropped Martin an email. He replied saying he'd been meaning to ask me if I'd like to be a listmaster, but hadn't got around to it, and send me an email with some more info. Listmastering is something I wouldn't mind giving a go to, so I've fired off Pascal Hakim an email.

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