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August 2004
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Thursday, 05 August 2004

Fetch me movies - that work!

We're trialling Telstra's new Fetch Me Movies service, and it's good in concept, but shite in execution. So far, of our free one month trial, one DVD never made it to us, two have had scratches making them unplayable, and today's one arrived with a split across the radius of it. We won't be continuing the membership once the trial period runs out.

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hi ho, hi ho...

Dunno whether this is a particularly bright idea, but I've officially contracted back to Betrusted. Got to report out to the ATO for a bit of an orientation on Tuesday. Given that my timetable is a little bit sucky, it's going to be interesting trying to get a decent block of time out there on most days. I guess this is where having the carpark at Uni comes in handy. It also means Sarah's going to have to start riding to work more if I'm going to have the car... Wonder how she's going to feel about that?

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(carpark == white_elephant)

Sigh. Methinks buying a car space in the new Dickson Precinct multi-storey secure carpark was a mistake. I should have checked where the heck it was, or more importantly, how long it took to walk there. It takes a good 10-15 minutes at a brisk pace to get from the carpark to the Union Court, which is about one third of the time it takes to get to Uni from home. So it's of limited benefit when it rains, and it doesn't give me that much more mobility, as I discovered today, you need at least 40 minutes to do a uni/home/uni round trip via the Ainslie shops. But since I'm about to start working, it is better than walking home to retrieve the car and drive to work, I guess...

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