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Sunday, 01 August 2004

Some much belated d-i testing

Since I'm planning on doing a talk on d-i at CLUG this month, I figured it might be a good idea to do some more testing of it. I'm planning on doing a test install on my VAIO, and trying to elicit some feedback from the audience.

First up, I thought I'd try it's wireless detection. This worked reasonably well, insofar as it correctly detected my wireless card, and asked for my ESSID. However, it doesn't seem that it configures WEP properly. I filed #262624. If I manually set the WEP key, things worked okay.

However, at CLUG, I won't be using a wireless connection, I'll need to use blue cable technology. As my VAIO is so old, it doesn't have onboard ethernet, so I use a USB ethernet adapter on the odd occassion that I want to plug in. Seems that d-i doesn't detect USB ethernet adapters, although the pegasus module is available, so again, it can be worked around manually.

I also spotted a typo in the description for the e100 driver, so I filed #262626.

It seems that anonymous svn access is broken, so I can't check out d-i to poke around the source for hwdetect to see how hard it would be to detect USB ethernet adapters. Bugger.

It's nice to do some d-i testing again. It's been too long since I last did some. I haven't actually done a full install yet today, I'm just seeing how the preliminaries go...

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