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Saturday, 31 July 2004

SSH brute force attacks

I've been noticing a few SSH login failures for root and guest in both daedalus' and caesar's logs. Then I saw this post on Aussie-ISP, referring to this and this. I hadn't gotten around to disabling root logins since I reinstalled daedalus. Now I have.

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I, robot and the tragedy of Mount Stromlo

I went and saw I, robot last night, with Franko, Michael and Lynne. It was nice to see Lynne again. She's looking well. I suspect she's quit smoking since her run in with cancer. The movie was really good. I don't think I've read the book. I found the storyline quite good, and the camera work was pretty good. I like Will Smith, and think he did a good job.

Went up to Mount Stromlo this morning to have brunch with Sarah's friend Christine, who is doing her research project up there. She gave us a tour after brunch. It's such a tragic loss. Some of Canberra's original buildings were up there, and they've been gutted by the fire. Some of the telescope domes were made of aluminium, and the heat was so much that the aluminium just melted, and the wind blew the molten aluminium everywhere, so there's a couple of ruins with blotches of molten aluminium all over the place. 18 months later, there still isn't a lot of progress on the demolition or reconstruction. They did rebuild the satelite ranging laser, that I used to enjoy going up at night to watch, but now it's an infra-red laser, so there's nothing to see :-(

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