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Friday, 30 July 2004

Gads! FreeBSD is shite.

So Ben's got me on this mission to migrate his nameservers from BIND and dnscache to PowerDNS for the lot. So I've been poking around PowerDNS. I must say, a database backend sounds pretty cool. The way it implements recursion is interesting.

So recursion doesn't look like an issue, and he wants the authoritative and recursive nameservers on separate IP addresses, so I'll run PowerDNS proper on the authoritative IP address, and it won't recurse at all, and I'll run pdns_recurse on the recursive IP address, and that'll replace BIND.

So I jump on one of the existing nameservers to try and get a feel for how dnscache is configured in terms of who it allows to recurse through it, and I've spent 15 minutes trying to decypher the boot process, and I still couldn't figure out how dnscache was started. It's just this myriad of monolithic shell scripts that call other shell scripts. It's bloody horrible. I figure it's got to be bad for general system administration. If someone of my calibre can't at least figure out vaguely how it's hanging together my inspection, what hope have they got if the sysadmin is hit by a bus? But I guess I'm just a Linux person, and it'd all be patently obvious to a FreeBSD person. But give me Linux any day...

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Annoying bug triage

#236423 has annoyed me for ages. It got fixed by the discover guys, but I thought it hadn't, because I was still getting the same crap sprayed on my screen.

Turns out now it's hotplug that is doing it. No idea why yet. Had some fun using my laptop as a serial console, so I could get some context. The annoying problem with the bug is it totally DoSes your console scrollback buffer, so it makes it very hard to do any analysis...

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